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Sounds tasty, doesn't it? Well it is, because you can guarantee anyone eating dim sum will order this. This dish is usually served as a one-two combination of shrimp dishes, the other being a plain steamed shrimp dumpling. In combination in Cantonese, the two are pronounced "Har gou siu mai", a frequently heard phrase in dim sum restaurants. Seafood is often used in dim sum. As nasty as the crab ovaries may sound, they make the whole dish. Another dish, the Shanghainese hairy crab which I have noded about, uses the same, and it tastes absolutely great.


Adequate amounts each of salt, light soy sauce, sugar, MSG, sesame oil, pepper, potato starch and wine


  1. Mix the shelled shrimps well with a dash of potato starch, scald them in boiling water until cooked and scoop them out; steam the crab ovaries in the steamer until cooked and chop them.
  2. Chop sandwich pork; scald bamboo shoot and black mushrooms in boiling water for a while and cut them into pellets. heating the pot, put the stock, bamboo shoot, black mushrooms and sandwich pork to stir fry, add seasonings to mix well. Cook the sauce in high heat, stir potato starch solution in to make stuffing and then pour it into the bowl with shelled shrimps and mix well.
  3. Put wheat starch, potato starch and salt together in the pot, boil them hot with hot water, pour boiling water in to scald them until cooked, stir them well with a rod. Pour the mixture onto an oiled table top. Knead it well by hand into a long rod, cut it into a number of portions, knead them one by one into the shape of deep nests, put crab ovaries and 2 parsley leaves in each of them. Put adequate amount of stuffing in, nip the case tight, trim it well with a pair of scissors, put all of them in a oiled plate. Steam them in the steamer until cooked.
  4. Serve hot, preferably along with the plain shrimp dumplings.

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