Short's Brewing Company is a brewpub in Bellaire, MI and brewery in Elk Rapids, MI. The business was formed in 2002 and the brewpub opened in 2004. In 2008, they purchased a building in Elk Rapids, MI and began operating a brewery there in 2009. Between both locations, they have the capacity to brew 24,000 barrels annually, 2,000 in Bellaire and 22,000 in Elk Rapids. Like most modern microbreweries, they brew a stable of beers year round, along with seasonal and specialty offerings.

Their current year-round beers are Bellaire Brown, Huma Lupa Licious, Pandemonium Pale Ale, Pontius Road Pilsner, and Soft Parade. What exactly they distribute changes year to year. The Bellaire Brown is the darkest/maltiest beer they distribute year-round, unlike many Michigan brewers that generally have a porter or stout year-round.

Their year-round selection is made up of solid, enjoyable beers but what really makes them stand out is their seasonal and specialty beer. Some are notable for how good they are, and some are notable for how strange they are.

Examples of the former are things like Kind Ale and Nicie Spicie. Kind Ale is a Pale Ale wet hopped with hops grown in Michigan right after they're harvested. It's named because of the...resinous scent. Nicie Spicie is an ale spiced with citrus, coriander, and peppercorns. It has some zest to it, and is a nice change of pace from other wheat beers.

Examples of the latter are things like Key Lime Pie and Uber Goober. The Key Lime Pie beer is award winning, and rightly so. It's an impressive thing to brew. It starts off sweet, tastes of lime in the middle and actually tastes like graham crackers on the finish. I mean, really, tastes that way. It's an achievement but is also exactly as gross as it sounds. Uber Goober is an oatmeal stout that's a bit chocolaty and very, very peanuty. Very, very, very much so with the peanuts. I know a few people that are into Uber Goober, just not well.

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