Shine it On is a compilation of Sly and the Family Stone songs from different points in their career. They're all original recordings, though.

Sly Stone - Vocals Fred Stone - Guitar and Vocals Larry Graham - Bass Cynthia Robinson - Trumpet Rosie Stone - Piano Jerry Martini - Sax Greg Errico - Drums

  1. Shine it On
  2. Back on the Right Track
  3. It Takes All Kinds
  4. Do the Rattleshake
  5. The Seventh Son
  6. Searchin'
  7. Swim
  8. Google Eyes
  9. Somebody to You
  10. Things That'll Make You Laugh
  11. If It's Not Adding Up
  12. Buttermilk(Part 1)
  13. Remember Who You Are
  14. In the Still of the Night
  15. Ain't That Lovin' You Baby

This album is just chock-full of funkiness. There's no other way to describe it. I actually bought this CD at a pawn shop, before I really liked Sly and the Family Stone, but a few listens changed that. Everything on this record is so funky. How does Larry Graham make that walking bassline on Do the Rattlesnake so damn funky? I certainly don't know.

This whole album has a very fun feeling to it. A lot of the time you can hear girls shouting the lyrics in the background (I presume it's Cynthia and Rosie). It feels like you're watching them at a little club somewhere in the 60's. I especially like Searchin' where he's singing "bom biddy bom biddy..." and you hear girls screaming in the background. It's just the funkiest thing ever.

Do the Rattlesnake and google eyes are instrumentals, and man is that sax player funky! I just can't say enpugh about the funkiness of this album.

The CD starts to mellow out a bit starting at about Buttermilk(Part 1. They're still funky (how could they not be?), but it's interspersed with more mellow parts. This is a very enjoyable album, start to finish.

I'll be getting my funk on all day, now.

This CD was published in 1994 by Elap Music. It's a compilation of songs from different times, so they songs have copyrights from lots of different labels.

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