A potent, tasty, fun flaming shot. Unfortunately Galliano is expensive, but it's worth it just for this shot - plus one bottle of Galliano will go a long way.

1 part Galliano
1 part Rumple Minze

pour the shot, then light it on fire. pick it up, blow it out, and drink but do not swallow. Swish it around in your mouth, then swallow and inhale deeply. Some people cough, and most people's eyes water, hence the name of the shot.

The order your pour the ingredients doesn't seem to matter, but some people insist that it must be poured Galliano first or Rumple Minze first. Also, you might want to use a bit more Rumple Minze than Galliano - this makes the drink stronger, mintier (most people don't like the taste of Galliano), and makes it burn better too.

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