Part-Cherokee Oklahaoma-born renaissance man Sheb Wooley (b. 1921) is best remembered today for his 1958 novelty record The Purple People Eater, which held the #1 position for six weeks. He succeeded in topping the charts again with the song That's My Pa in 1962. But Wooley has also been an accomplished 'straight' country singer, rodeo rider and actor - most notably as villain Ben Miller in Fred Zinnemann's High Noon. Wooley also appeared in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Giant and The Outlaw Josey Wales, among many other titles. In television, he was a regular cast member (and occasional writer) on Rawhide, paying Pete Nolan, and served as the resident songwriter for Hee Haw.

Wooley has also performed and recorded as Ben Colder, a drunken comic persona proucing country and western parodies. While Wooley has composed and recorded many 'serious' songs, his true successes have remained firmly in the novelty and comedy genres.



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