Another deliciously late morning of going to work. It is one of the fringe benefits of the programming career track - no one expects you in at work before 11 am. Meetings before 11am - HA! - whoever scheduled it didn't look at my job title (though they balk when it gets rescheduled to 7pm).

And so I sit back relaxing as the morning sun dances through the leaves and blinds. Its a nice chance to read books, relax, go through all the proper hygienic motions. Yawn and listen to the morning radio show. Or just maybe... get up and run an errand or two.

Still in the haze of before I open my eyes fully she wakes me up by tickling my feet. It is a very pleasant way to wake up... just a light tickle, enough to provoke a smile and fond memories with a bit of a laugh for accompaniment.

Groggy, I sit up and reach down to my pants with the pager on the belt that were discarded at the foot of the bed the night before, a glance at the pager that almost touches my toes...

good morning - a bit late. have a good day, love.

Yes, it is the start of a wonderful day - what more could you want than to wake up with a smile?

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