The television is on again. Disembodied voices float to my ears from the next room. It's the five o'clock news. I smile as I walk into the room following their siren's song. A long day behind me, I lay down on the couch, listening but not really hearing the words they say. I let their emotions roll over me and wonder if they realize their words are coated in hateful slime. After considering that thought for a moment I decide they probably do and just don’t care.

A word catches my attention. Something the blonde plastic talking head said. Her shinny red lips move silently as I rewind my mind until I hear it again. Yes, that’s what I thought I heard.

“…She betrayed him”.

I’m not sure if she really said it. My inner voice agreed. She had betrayed me. I’m not sure how exactly except that that’s how I feel. My face darkened as I began to stew on the thought. I know that it’s insane and a sardonic grin blooms on my face of death.

“…He gave her all the details”.

The words penetrated my self-indulgent torture. One of the voices in my head takes over. That’s right you idiot. You said too much. Whatever made you think that she wanted to hear it in the first place? She’s just repaying you now for making her sit through your all-important one-man show. You can’t even stand it yourself? How can you expect someone else to?

I let the questions rot in my mind. It’s pointless to try and answer, some ancient unspoken law about rhetoric I think. I close my ears to the television. I don’t think I can take anymore. I feel like a minute old corpse just beginning its decay. I watched too much T.V. and she used it to kill me. Tomorrow I will be someone else.

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