A 1962 film starring the famous Las Vegas Rat Pack. It is a retelling of the Gunga Din story reset in the Old West. All the members of the Rat Pack are present and accounted for, them being:

The film is a loose adaptation based on the classic Rudyard Kipling poem. Critics decry it for being 2 dimensional, stereotypical of native Americans, and too action focused, which makes it comparable to most other westerns of the period. Rat Pack fans sometimes count this as their weakest film effort, but it still holds as one of just 2 films which feature all the members, the other being 'Ocean's Eleven'.

The film was directed by John Sturges, veteran director of other (and much better) westerns such as 'Gunfight at the O K Corral' (1957) and 'Joe Kidd' (1972). Sturges also directed other genres of film to include "The Great Escape' and "The Old Man and the Sea".

The film was produced by Frank Sinatra who of course held the major starring role (alongside Dean Martin and Peter Lawford). Executive producer for the film was Howard W. Koch. The role of Gunga Din was filled by Sammy Davis, Jr. who, instead of losing his life in defense of the noble officers, survives with mere flesh wounds.

Other actors of some note who appeared on the film are Henry Silva and Ruta Lee.

The film won a 2nd place Golden Laurel Award in 1962 as Top Action Drama.

In a rather bizarre side note 3 of the supporting actors were sons of Bing Crosby, named Lindsay, Philip, and Dennis. Two of these scions of Derr Bingle committed suicide via shotgun, (Dennis and Lindsay).

The film was never released as a VHS offering, nor has it been offered on DVD.


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