Hey Turkey, psst... Now might be a good time to clean up that little problem with Greece regarding Cyprus.

When My Big Fat Greek Olympics premiered on TV sets worldwide last month, one fact that was often mentioned was its unprecedented expense. At least $10 billion were spent by the Greeks to produce the show. Another fact which I noticed while watching it on TV was that the stands were rather empty most of the time.

Not surprisingly, I read in the news today that Greece now has a financial crisis. Their deficit is twice the legal limit specified for European Union members, and four times what the country had projected. In order to work out their budget, the country is going to make significant cuts to their military spending.

I wonder if the Turks are recalculating their odds for uniting Cyprus, by force, into a Turkish state? I kind of wish that world politics were nicer and friendlier. Because maybe now would be a good time for them to just try and buy a peaceful resolution from the Greeks with cash, instead of violence.

I'll put my iPod headphones back on and ignore the news again for a little while, and hope something good happens before I read the news again. I swear, I'm tired of the news being all about death, destruction, war, and economic dilemmas. Where's some cool news? Like, how long do I have to keep waiting for something better to happen, such as a group of peaceful aliens appearing out of nowhere and giving us the free energy and flying cars that Popular Science has been seeding my dreams with for decades?

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