The original Japanese version of the SNES Action RPG "Secret of Mana" by Square.

If you go to the Mana node, there's prolly 5 write-ups telling you how kewl it is. Suffice it to say, it supports 3 players (with multi-tap), and it's the game that got Square noticed in the west.

Be careful, 'cos some brain dead importers list this games as "Secret of Mana 2" when the game that most people know of as SoM2 is actually "Seiken Densetsu 3." Somehow, unfortunately for me, the importer bloke wasn't convinced by this argument, so I ended up with a Japanese copy of Mana to go with my copy of SD3 and the UK copy of Mana I bought all those years ago. OTOH, it does have a savegame on it where all three characters are at level 90 and most of the weapons are at level 10 (the hidden top level where you have to search the Mana Fortress in order to find the necessary orbs).

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