Pronounced "say-g-ee-door". It is the mid sized pandero which directly follows the rhythm set by the Punteador. It adds a little more complexity to the music while, at the same time assisting the punteador in maintaining the base beat. It is the most versatile of all three as it can be played on the off-beat as well. Often times this is done in conjunction to the Requinto in order to produce complex sounds that seem to be coming from one drum rather than three.

It is the only one that is played using both hands. It is held along the arm with one edge against the chest and the hand grabbing the opposite edge with the fingers lightly resting on the skin of the drum. These fingers can be used to add extra beats while playing, adding the extra versatility mentioned above. Traditional rhythms sound something like "doom pah doom, doom pah doom" or "doom doom pah, doom doom pah".

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