Rather hoopy Megadrive/Mega CD spinoff that arrived, sadly, after the latter had died a retail death.

Known as the Sega CDX in the US, the Multi-Mega was a neat bit of kit - it's the size of a portable CD player*, such as a Sony Discman. At the back of the unit, behind the CD section, was a standard Megadrive cartridge slot, and the front sported two joypad ports and a power button. It also had an orange, backlit LCD screen to show audio CD information when using the thing as a discman. It took 2 x AA batteries, but could only use these for playing music; to function as a console, it required an AC adaptor. Was compatible with all Megadrive 2 addons, like the ill-fated Sega 32x and the revised model Sega Power Base Converter.

In the UK, I only ever saw one, and I lived in game shops at that age, and it cost a fortune, around £350. Apparently, due to limited numbers, and the ridiculous launch price, it's now an incredibly rare collectors item, and usually trades at around it's launch price.

* the size of a portable CD player in 1993, that is. By modern standards, it's chunky as hell. But hey, you can play Phantasy Star 4 on it.

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