This is a website that enables people to start their own wiki for free on a server providing free hosting. It is located at These wiki's are open : anyone may read and edit them. Backup pages are kept, as with many wikis elsewhere, so they can be stored if deleted for no apparent reason.

The url you are assigned is not easy to remember, and has a wiki number in it. You (or anyone else) can edit in html, or with a WYSIWYG editor.

Many of the wiki's were clearly started for experimental purposes only, and only a few have any real content. Some are personal websites.

Unlike everything2, anyone may edit any page without restriction. The only protection against vandalism is that anyone seriously interested can bring back older versions of pages that have been deleted or mutilated by vandals. You don't even need to register, you can edit from any IP address, and there is no experience or level system since anyone can do anything. Perhaps no security system is better than a simple one that hackers might crack for the thrill of it.

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