So what is it?

A tremendously tasteful souvenir from Scotland, consisting of a tam o'shanter, ornamented with a bobble. To make the wearer look more Scottish, it also has shoulder-length ginger hair attached. This visual treat is available in Royal Stuart or Black Watch tartans, or the slightly less popular blue and white Saltire design.

There is even a musical the wee button and it plays Scotland the Brave. Funky.

OK, it's a hat. Who's Jimmy, and why do I see him?

The phrase "See you?" is a charming traditional Scottish preamble to warm and friendly conversation. "Jimmy", due to the popularity of the name James in Scotland's quainter districts, is a sort of John Doe, a wildcard for any random passer-by.

Taken as a whole, "See you, Jimmy" is a warm opening to a folksy chat.

Why would I want one?

It's guaranteed to make any wearer look absolutely gorgeous, sure to be fancied by all you meet. Anyone seeing you in it will think you're rich, sexy, or both.

Available in charming local shops throughout Scotland, or via mail order on many Scottish websites. Go on, you know you want to.

Scottish linguistic help provided by the inestimable call.

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