SecretAdmirer ( is a pretty neat idea of a website. Not at all overloaded by with ads except a small "shop" link(1), it allows two shy soulmates to finally accept their mutual feelings. It is based on a two steps model.
  1. You (A) send and anonymous email through the website to the person you have a crush on/are desperately in love with.
  2. The person in question (B) logs into the website. The fist possibility is that B loves you (A) too, he will pick you (A) too. Through the magic of SQL, a match will occur and an email will be sent to both of you, wishing you both luck in your new love life.
  3. or...the second possibility is that B sends the answer to a third person C. If that asshole C likes B too, they're both happy, and now you're not only lonely, you hate yourself too.
They claim to have had aver 100,000 matches already. I wouldn't want to give it a try for a serious crush, because of point 3.
1)/msg me if you know about their business model

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