Second wives is the name given to the crowd of Chinese women in mainland China who are mistresses of married businessmen from outside China. Most of these men come from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and Korea. There is a lot of them. I live in a relatively poshy neighborhood, two blocks across there is a massive apartment complex that is choke full of these mistresses and their illegitimate children.

I guess in the male-dominant attitude of Asia, marital fidelity is not as important as in America. Frankly, it disgusts me, but then again there are the gigolos who accompany the bored wives of rich businessmen who get paid thousands to accompany them for shopping trips then more later. It isn't expensive to keep a second wife, especially in China, so that's why there are so many of them. The permissive attitude that the women hold toward the men does not reciprocate however. Sexual equality has not permeated that much into Asia yet.

There has been stories of battles in immigration offices around Asia because these businessmen fell so much in love with their mistresses that they divorced their old wives and tried to bring their new one into their home country, usually in vain. Personally, I think these women are smart. A foreign passport works wonders in China. There will be no end to this dirty business of keeping second wives, because the stream of cheating businessmen coming here will be met with plenty of women willing to do anything to get a little booklet that says anything other than People's Republic of China.

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