Manufacturer of crisps in Bradford, England. Supply their wares in very simply designed packaging (white/clear with flavour themed ink). The packets have a window to enable you to "SEE WHAT YOU BUY!" as it says proudly on the front. Generally only available in the north of England, Seabrook crisps are most often found in small corner shops, cafeterias, and public swimming baths (which is where I remember them most fondly).

The packet arrogantly declares them as:


They might be right you know, they definitely have more varieties than Britain's most popular brand, Walkers. Here are the flavours in which Bradford's finest export is available:

The packets also used to say that sweetcorn was available, though I had never seen it. A visit to the factory by a friend of mine from Bradford confirmed that the flavour is no longer available. A sad loss for crisp kind...

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