So... how do people get roped into Scientology? Basically there are three main ways:
  1. Somehow going into the Org and getting their "ruin" identified;
  2. Filling in the Personality Test (OCA); or
  3. Getting friendly with a Scientologist (that happened to me).
Firstly, you might get roped in off the street (scientologyspeak: "body-routed"), and be made to fill in the obligatory OCA. You will then be shown your ruin (identified by the weak spots in the chart). You then might get sold a Dianetics book, or show the Documercial, or you might sign yourself up for one of the numerous introductory courses.

On the other hand you might have come by the OCA, by way of a flyer in a paper, or having it posted through your door. Anyway, the end result is the same, getting roped into the Org. So... what's the OCA? Basically, the Oxford Capacity Analysis (which has nothing to do with Oxford University) was written by a former merchant seaman with no psychological training. It derives from the Johnson Temperament Analysis Profile, and in its current form consist of 200 questions. The answer are then fed into a computer which spews out the results for a chart consisting of, among other things, an estimation of your IQ. (In the past, the Church of Scientology has proved more than willing to use the information supplied in the OCA, and in your "PC folders" against former members -- information that is supposedly confidential).

The OCA is most often used to identify which low point would benefit from which course, for instance the Success through Communication Course. And, guess what, you have to fill in another one after your "processing" (the word for any Scientology or Dianetics service), and it should have improved -- if not either you or your auditor is in big trouble...

Lastly, you could have met a Scientologist and became friendly with him or her. Either way, you will end up in the Org. Scientologists are so charming...really! ;-)

N.B. Scientology recruits particularly among young adults.

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