Der Führer does not burn!
(SS-soldier to another when unsuccessfully trying to burn Hitler's corpse).

In 1991, German director Helmut Dietl produced, wrote and directed a satire based on the true story of the faked Hitler Diaries. The title is based on a word Charlie Chaplin as Adolf Hinkel used in his film The great dictator when practicing speeches in front of a mirror. With a German star cast (Götz George, Uwe Ochsenknecht, Christiane Hörbiger and Harald Juhnke) and biting but hilarious humor, this movie was a runaway success in German theaters, and was even nominated for an Oscar, a rare occurrence for a german movie.

The story revolves around the reporter Herrmann Willié, who desperately wants a big story, the story of the decade. So when small-time forger Fritz Knobel, who had made money off of Hitler as a kid by selling fake memorabilia to American GI's, approaches Willié and tells him of the Hitler Diaries he "found" (i.e. just created), Willié falls for the ploy Hook, Line and Sinker, smells success, accepts and presents the first four volumes to his magazine, which in turn proceeds towards the biggest journalistic failure of its existence.

The film is a bitter comedy, with no respect for anyone. Greedy reporters reduce the horrors of the Third Reich to a news sensation. People who "never were in the party" showing their true colors. And so on. If you have the chance, watch it, it is a rare piece of German cinema.

The efforts of the last days have caused intestinal flatulence in me and Eva says my breath smells bad.
Hitler Diaries

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