Schriever Air Force Base, part of Air Force Space Command, is a United States Air Force base located 15 miles east of Colorado Springs, CO. Schriever AFB is home to the 50th Space Wing (50 SW), and the wing's mission is to provide command and control for Department of Defense operational military satellites and operate and manage the worldwide Air Force Satellite Control Network.

The decision to establish a new space control facility was approved by the Secretary of Defense in September, 1979. The site, formerly known as Falcon Air Force Station, was chosen from 12 possible sites, and ground breaking took place on 17 May 1983. On 8 July 1985 the 2d Space Wing activated in a ceremony at Falcon AFS, construction at the installation was not yet complete enough to allow the new wing to occupy the facilities. On 26 September 1985 Falcon Air Force Station was activated with a ribbon cutting ceremony. Second Space Wing personnel, previously assigned to Peterson AFB, began moving to Falcon. Wing population was approximately 228 personnel. The Air Force began operations on 1 October 1985, on schedule and $50 million under budget. Originally an Air Force station, Falcon became a base on 8 June 1988. On 13 June 1998, Falcon AFB was renamed Schriever AFB in honor of General Bernard A. Schriever. Schriever AFB is the service's only base named for a living person. Retired General Bernard A. Schriever pioneered the development of the nation's intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) programs and is recognized as "the father of the U.S. Air Force's space and missile program."

I have heard that it was renamed because people were tired of hearing it called Falcatraz (Falcon + Alcatraz). Most people do not care for Schriever AFB. To leave, most people volunteer for Korea.

There is no housing on Schriever AFB. If a person does not have a house or apartment, they live either on Peterson AFB or at the Air Force Academy. There are plans to have housing around 2010.

Tenent units residing at Schriever include the Joint National Integration Center (JNIC), Missile Defense Agency (MDA), and the Space Warfare Center (SWC).

Schriever is the United States Air Force's newest base and the only one without a runway.

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