My photography project for Mrs.Jarmaneck’s class.

Picture one - This is the trailer I live in. It is number 12 in Cedar crest court which is by the Henderson Freeway. My mom says its not the biggest one but it is clean. Once in a while my uncle comes over with a loud spray hose and cleans it.

Picture two - This is the inside of the trailer. There is a kitchen, a den and two bedrooms. You can’t see the bathroom but we have one. I sleep on the couch in the den. Its bigger than it looks because it folds out.

Picture three - This is my grandma. She lives with us. That green thing on the floor by her is her oxygen. She keeps that with her most of the time. It doesn’t make a lot of noise and when we got out she has a little cart with wheels on it so she doesn’t have to carry it.

Picture four - This is my mom. Her uniform is from Shopper grocery, which is where she works. She keeps her hair up when she is working, but usually its real long. When I’m big that is how long my hair is going to be.

Picture five - This is my cat, Freckles. He is not really my cat, because he doesn’t live inside, but he sorta lives under the trailer. There is a crawl space under the trailer and I made him a house out of a laundry box and he stays in it most of the time. My mom lets me put food on a paper plate and milk in a bowl. Freckles can eat a lot for a little cat.

Picture six - This is our blue car. Its not working right now because of “mission trouble” but it holds six people and we drove it to the woods last summer to go camping and we plan on doing that again this year. When my uncle drives it I get to sit up front.

Picture seven - this is how the highway looks at night. Its kind of blurry because its dark but you can see all the car lights and if you look close, some of the big buildings on the other side of the street A couple of them have towers with red lights on the top that blink- on and off all night long.

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