A merit badge for Boy scouts. This is not a required badge for Eagle. Taken from meritbadge.com:

  1. Do ONE of the following:
    1. Show that you have had an average grade of 82 (B) or above for one term or semester.
    2. Show that for one term or semester you have improved your school grades over the previous period.
  2. Do the following:
    1. Make a list of educational places where you live (other than schools). Visit one. Report on how you used the place for self-education.
    2. Interview two people other than teachers or school people. Find out the following: Where were they educated? What were they trained in? How did this help prepare them for the life they now live? Find out how each continues to educate himself. Write a report of your findings.
  3. Get a note from the principal of your school* that during the past year your behavior, leadership, and service have been better than average.
    Or from another school person named by the principal.
  4. Show that you have taken part in a school extracurricular activity.
  5. Write an essay of 400 words on "How School Training Will Be of Value to Me in the Future."

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