Family-owned steakhouse in San Diego, just a bone's throw away from the beach on Mission Boulevard. Established in 1951 by Joe Saska, the restaurant remains pleasantly wedged in that era. The interior is dark, cool, and quiet, with comfy booths and a straightforward menu of surf 'n' turf.

Roninspoon and I ate there recently with our young ladies. The chicken strips and fried mozzarella sticks we had for an appetizer were good and the strips came with a honey mustard sauce that, unlike most such sauces, actually tasted like honey and mustard. Ronin, who is a man what loves steak, pronounced his to be worthy. My wife Angela is fond of scallop and highly enjoyed her Seafood Fettucine.

Finding a parking space in Mission Beach is a challenge to say the least, so it's wise to take advantage of the valet parking Saska's provides. Just pull up and wait for the harried attendant to return. Prices at this local favorite are moderate.

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