Sarahbeth Purcell is an American novelist whose two works, LOVE IS THE DRUG and THIS IS NOT A LOVE SONG, were published by Simon and Schuster's imprint, Atria Books. Sarahbeth Purcell was born on January 9, 1977 in Nashville, Tennessee, where she still resides. After quitting high school to write her first novel at age seventeen, becoming a National magazine editor with no prior experience in journalism at age twenty two, and receiving over 112 rejections with previous books, Sarahbeth finally found a home with an imprint of publishing giant Simon and Schuster for her first release at the young age of twenty-four. Sarahbeth's first published novel, LOVE IS THE DRUG, was released by Atria/Simon and Schuster in hardback in 2004 and paperback in April 2005, with congratulatory reviews from publisher's bible "Booklist" and comparisons by other esteemed authors to Chuck Palahniuk (author of FIGHT CLUB, DIARY, and LULLABY, among others). THIS IS NOT A LOVE SONG, Purcell's second novel, was released Nationwide by Simon and Schuster / Washington Square Press, April 11, 2006 as well as for download on ebook format via Simon and Schuster's website. At this writing, Purcell is still traveling and promoting THIS IS NOT A LOVE SONG with appearances and book signings, working with a screenwriting on an adaptation of LOVE IS THE DRUG for the silver screen, shopping her third novel, and working on her fourth.

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