(No, not "in the Biblical sense", though the thought may have crossed my mind once or twice. For the uninitiated, Sally Jessy Raphaël is the veteran host of one of those horrid slice-of-life daytime talk shows.)

The things you catch while channel surfing...

  • A woman who was, briefly, a co-worker. I once had to chauffeur her around, after her relationship with her boyfriend erupted in violence. She was on the show one day; apparently the topic was interracial marriages.

    I remarked, while watching, that it was nice that she and her boyfriend had tied the knot - she always spoke glowingly of him, and even had a kind word for him in the aftermath of the violence, pointing out that their volatility was a mutual thing and that he wasn't some drunken ogre unilaterally inflicting punishment upon her.

    So now they were married, but the reason she was on the show was to confront an irate neighbor, who refused to keep his disapproval of the marriage to himself. He would be on the show shortly. Surely I've seen this topic before - on Sally, Donahue, Geraldo, Oprah, Downey, or Cantinflas.

    I continued surfing.
  • An "African-American Princess" from my freshman year of college; I think she was a senior at the time. You could almost see the crown on her head whenever she entered a room. Her boyfriend had been a star running back and a world-class sprinter, and she herself had a wonderfully lithe sprinter's body - she was on the track team.

    Years later, she's on Sally, proclaiming how she's proud of her "big ol' butt" or something. I have no idea of what the show's topic was that day.

    I turned off the television.

Maybe we shouldn't throw this sort of stuff into the airwaves. Yes, that old refrain comes back: Kill Your Television.

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