7th century saint. She was born to Merewald, who was a ruler of Anglia, by St. Ermenburga, a princess of Kent. She was educated at a convent school in Chelles, near Paris.

She was pursued by an unknown young man after this, but unlike many other graduates from convent schools, she rejected him and went to the monestary at Minster in Thanet which was founded by her mother.

St. Theodore of Canterbury accepted her into the community and she eventually became abbess. She is remembered (at least by experts on saints in the 7th century) for great generosity and compassion, and died in about 700.

Apparently she gained sainthood by detaching herself from the cares of the world and rejecting the easy life which could have been hers by joining a convent. Now she is only known because a beach in Westgate is named after her. Which just goes to show, history is made by stupid people.

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