Saone is a french river running into Rhone in Lyon.

" There is a river, the Saone, of an incredible softness... " Jules César, " the War of Gaules "

The Saone takes its source in the Vosges in Vioménil, with 396 meters of altitude, the southwest of Épinal. With a total length of 480 km, it receives successively Ognon, Ouche, Doubs, the Seille before being thrown in the Rhone in Lyon.
It arrives to Haute-Saône at Jonvelle then crosses the localities of the Port-sur-Saone and Gray, then the Pontailler-sur-Saone, Auxonne, Saint-Jean-de-Losne, and others like the Chalon-sur-Saone and Macon.

For navigation, it is connected with the Rhine by Doubs and the Channel of the Rhone to the Rhine, with the Marne and the Seine by the Channel of Burgundy, with the Loire by the Channel of the Center.

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