part 5 the last of SIJIL: The Triple Rose of the Adept Chamber, by Hakim Bey

As if to prove that Christianity is more complicated than Islam or Judaism, the O.P. has already spawned or affiliated with several autocephalous or free churches -- in face, the main purpose of the Order will be to organize "inter-communion" of free Christian churches; and thus it acts, so to speak as the Christian arm of the H.M.O.C Adept Chamber.

In theory both the Fatimid Order and the Order of Jerusalem could carry out similar affiliative conjuctions, but neither has yet done so. Moreover, the Adept Chamber feels a need to add yet more Orders and/or Degrees to its structure, and openly encourages M.O.C. members to form -- for example -- pagan/druidic/shamanic, Buddhist, Taoist, Tantrik, or other orders; furthermore, the Adept Chamber itself welcomes "inter-communion" with all Free Religions and spiritual paths, up to and including exchanges of Orders and Titles (hence for example our Discordian affiliation, or our relations with psychedelic churches in the 60's).

All this may seem overly-complex to anyone unfamiliar with the M.O.C.'s long-established policy of deliberate syncretism, positive "heresy", anti-hierarchalism and anti-authoritarianism. The Angels are said to delight in high-sounding and glorious titles, and we Moors are not less than angelic in this, at least -- but we never believed that one title could ever rule another. We take our stand at the nexus where religion becomes aesthetic, festal, ludic, and creative -- a source and power for freedom, for both the individual and the group.


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