Stands for 'Super Conducting Quantum Interface Device'. A device which attaches to your head. It looks like a flat transparent plastic clothing with tons of neural wires in it and the thing is large enough to sit on top or your head. It's main function is to focus on your visual and audio cortex in your brain. Using a receptor rig (that SCQID is connected to) you can beam recorded visual/audio signals from the rig through SCQID into your visual cortex. This results you seeing images before your eyes, hearing sounds that aren't really there, and have additional feelings and thoughts. If you are recording, the receptor rig writes to a CD recording your audio/visual cortex. If you are playing the CD it's called play-back playing whatever's on the CD into your brain.

Your experiences, what you see, what you hear, what you smell, what you feel can be recorded onto a medium through wired. There is no cables running between SCQID and the receptor rig, hence the term wired.

- Strange Days

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