Supercomputing (SC) conference that is held every year by voluntary consortium of people in an effort to advance the science and application of high-performance computing and communications technology.

Places they have been
1989 Reno NV
1990 New York City, NY
1991 Albuquerque, NM
1992 Minneapolis, MN
1993 Portland, OR
1994 Washington, DC
1995 San Diego, CA
1996 Pittsburgh, PA 
1997 San Jose, CA 
1998 Orlando, FL  
1999 Portland, OR

In 1997, the conference changed their name from to "Supercomputing" to simply "SC". The conference is usually refered to with "SCXY"

I got a chance to participate in the 1999 conference with my highschool, South Salem High. We presented a student-done graphing calculator to the teachers that attended. In

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