S.A.D.D.~students against drunk driving.

I'm in a after school club called S.A.D.D. As you know, we talk about issues on drunk driving. There are a lot of things we do to show this. For example, right before the prom we put on a presentation of students who are drinking and driving after a fun night at the prom. There are two cars that collide and kill everyone in the car, but not the drivers. The body's that are dead are put in body bags and taken away in an ambulance. The driver's are arrested. Some other stuff we do are things like:

Alcohol Survey~ A survey where we go in front of a liquor store and ask people if they will buy us some drinks if we pay them. If they say yes then we give them a sheet saying BAD. It then tells you the information on what could happen if you were caught doing this and all that bad stuff. If you say NO, then we give you a sheet saying GOOD! It then reminds you about what harm your doing to the person your buying the alcohol for and to yourself if you had said yes. Then it tells you what your doing for the person by saying no.

Safe Night~This is like a lock in. We invite a lot of people and have a huge party where we dance and play games all night. We hire a d.j. and have a virgin bar, where no alcohol is served. It's a real good time and it shows people that you can have fun without drinking.

We also so a lot of fundraisers to help support the group finanically. Some fundraisers we do are:

~car wash
~book sale
~coffee shop(in progress)
~baking sale

Well, thats basically what S.A.D.D. is all about!

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