Ryan Fabian (b. Sep. 19th 1980) is a solo post-punk bass player and songwriter most known for his unorthodox song arrangements and provocative lyrics with heavy influences from post-punk icons Steve Albini, Mike Watt and Husker Du. Fabian was born in Exeter, New Hampshire and grew up in the harbor town of Fairhaven Massachusetts. Upon graduating high school Fabian moved to Venice Beach, California to pursue music and acting. After bouts with drug dealings and loss of funds Fabian had to act quickly and move home. Upon returning home to the small town and working at UPS for a short time Fabian became disappointed with life in Fairhaven. When matters led to him not being able to make it to work he was faced with homelessness or drastic measures. Fabian Joined the Air Force in March of 2001 where we served a four year enlistment. Although Fabian extremely despised military life and what it essentially stood for, he pulled through the four years while meanwhile booking a nationwide tour and cutting his first full length album "Songs from a Decrepit Bronx Apartment" a concept album based on a short story written about a mentally unstable sheet metal welder in the South Bronx who falls in love with a waitress, watches the relationship deteriorate and eventually murders and and two policemen after a failed attempt by her on his life. Fabian is currently a budding actor as well as currently in the midst of searching for a new label for his next record and is also currently touring the US and Europe.

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