Rush can be found on the corner of The Cowgate and Robert’s Close (just passed the south bridge) and it is the best pub in town. Firstly, and most importantly, its dirt cheap (for Edinburgh at least.) It’s £1 for most drinks from 4 ‘til 9 and £1.50 until it closes at 1 am. It’s got great music, (mostly punk and metal, though it varies depending on the night) the atmosphere is generally very good with friendly staff, comfortable seats etc. I guess the only problem with this place is that a lot of people like it as much as I do. Rush is not the biggest pub and it can be a little snug in there at 10 P.M on a weekend night. Having said that it’s fine the rest of the time. Thursday is student night so you need a student I.D to get in. There is a pub quiz on Monday. Oh, and you can buy hot dogs at the bar and the Fussball table is free. You can’t say fairer than that.

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