Rui Paz was born in 1949 in Lisbon were he attended the National Conservatorium and the Law School. Still as a student he participated in contemporary music concerts and in other actions against Salazar's dictatorial government and the Portuguese colonial war.

With a scholarship of the Calouste Gulbenkian foundation he continued his studies at the National Superior Musical Conservatory of Paris. In Germany he concluded the masters degree in musical sciences with a thesis about the "Instrumentation and Dramatic Context in Georg Friederich Händel Operas" and he attended the algorithmic composition course at the "Robert Schuman Conservatorium".

He taught at the National Conservatorium of Lisbon and he returned to Germany in 1984 were he`s been developing an interdisciplinar investigation in the fields of music, plastic arts, theater and linguistic. He is currently a teacher at the Folkwang Musikschule in Essen were he directs the "Acoustic Theater".

Between his compositions, performances and installations the most meaningful so far can be detached: "Szenische Skizzen", "Libera me", "Anabasis, Catabasis, Circulatio", "Rimidipo/Rimidi 4", "InterMIDIo", "Trois Piéces de Concert", "Concerto Visual".

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