Rugby, North Dakota (population 3,000) is roughly the geographic center of North America, if you calculate the center and don't count parts of Central America below the Panama Canal.

This geographic curiosity is commemorated with a 15' high pile of rocks located in the parking lot of a donut shop just off of Highway 2. Now many assume this rock pile represents the actual geographic center. Strictly speaking, the real, real geographic center (determined by a 1931 US Geological Survey) is a few miles south west of Rugby, but it's the closest Podunk town to said location.

Few passing tourists who stop in Rugby to get gas -- no doubt en route to better destinations like Minneapolis or destinations not necessarily better unless making your US buck go further means a lot to you like Saskatchewan -- even realize that the marker of the titular center used to be located a few yards north but had to be moved when Highway 2 was widened.

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