Second largest ice shelf in Antarctica covering the south and south-west part of the Weddell Sea, located south of 77°S and between 40°W and 70°W; roughly defined as bordering Palmer Land to the west, Berkner Island to the east and the antarctic mainland to the south. At over 300.000km² it's second only to the Ross Ice Shelf in size and was the last section of west Antarctica to be explored.

Its name wasn't given until the 1970s and it was named after Norwegian-American explorer Capt. Finn Ronne, his American wife Edith and Finn's father Martin Ronne, a member of Amundsen's successful 1911 expedition. Edith "Jackie" Ronne was one of the two women who took part in the private 1946-8 expedition and became the first to winter over on the frozen continent. Originally it had been named only after Edith.

The Ronne Ice Shelf drains much of west Antarctica's interior and is known to regularly calve vast icebergs, most recently in 1998 and 2000. Its width, as opposed to the neighbouring narrow Filchner Ice Shelf, makes its average thickness much lower and calvings are more frequent.

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