Ron Chapman is allegedly "The Most Listened to Morning Radio Personality in the History of the Southwest." He certaintly has proven to have the most longevity. He started in radio on KLIF 1190 under the pseudonym Irving Harrigan during the fifties and early sixties. He had a brief stint on WFAA TV channel eight. Then he started working for KVIL 103.7 fm and spent over three decades on the same radio station. Today he's the morning host for Oldies Radio 98.7 KLUV. He makes so much money it has been known to make talk shock jock Russ Martin physically ill, cuz he don't make half that much. One of Ron Chapman's most memorable experiences was the day a woman contemplating suicide called him on the air, and he talked her out of it.

Happily married to a woman named Nancy (not to be confused with Nancy Reagan), Ron Chapman is still on the air from 5:30 to 10am weekday mornings on KLUV, and they will most probably have to pry his bony fingers from the microphone when his body kicks into rigor mortis, God bless'm.

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