A small market town in west Hampshire, on the river Test between Southampton and Salisbury. Romsey is famous for its rapids. That is Romsey Rapids, a swimming complex. It is also famous for its abbey, which dates from the 10th century. The town centre is quiet and partially pedestrianised, with the statue of Lord Palmerston and few hotels. And not forgeting the kebab shop! The Test Way is a footpath that follows a picturesque route along the Test valley, to places like Mottisfont Abbey and Stanbridge Earls, the school.

Romsey's most famous inhabitant used to be Lord Mountbatten, uncle of Prince Phillip, until he was blown up by the IRA in 1979. There is now a memorial in the town centre, and the local high school was renamed after him. His estate, Broadlands, is still occupied by his descendant, Lord Romsey and it has also been used to stage concerts.

Romsey has fairly good transport links, though there is no direct rail link to London. At least Southampton is a little over ten minutes away by train, and the motorway is close by. But then, Romsey is by nature very quaint and there aren't a lot of jobs going around. It has a high appeal with old people and tourists, but there isn't very much for young people to do other than the rapids. Population ~15000

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