A marvelously talented individual, Romario has been one of the finest strikers of the 1990's. With strong opinions on the game and self confidence a plenty, he has often ruffled the feathers of coaches and teammates alike; but it is hard to argue with the success he has had. Using his deceptive pace and ability to find space in the most crowded penalty area, Romario's goalscoring record is second to none.

A small, stocky figure, Romario rose from a poor suburb of Rio de Janeiro to join Olaria in 1983. Within two years he had been snapped up by Vasco da Gama where he scored 73 times in 123 games as well as shooting the club to the Rio State Championship in 1987. He went on to make his international debut against Australia in 1988 and won a silver medal in the Seoul Olympics before transferring to Europe with PSV Eindhoven. Romario's time in Holland was punctuated by arguments and disruption yet he still managed to finish as the league's top scorer on four occasions as he picked up three championships and two cup medals. In 1993 he moved to Barcelona for £3M (immediately helping them lift the championship) and earned a return to the Brazilian side after a year out of favour with manager Carlos Alberto. In typical fashion he blasted five goals as the Brazilians reclaimed the World Cup after stating beforehand that he would be the star of the 1994 tournament. Typical arrogance. Typical success.

A year later, after another fall-out, this time with Johan Cruyff, Romario moved home to Flamengo for £4M. His continued good form saw him forge an irresistible international partnership with emerging genius Ronaldo, as Brazil looked forward to an exhilarating 1998 World Cup. However, with only days to go until the finals began, Romario was unfortunately forced to pull out of the squad because of injury.

Career Stats:

Team                 Season     GP   G
Vasco da Gama        1985        7   0
Vasco da Gama        1986       26  10
Vasco da Gama        1987       14   7
PSV Eindhoven        1988/1989  25  15
PSV Eindhoven        1989/1990  24  19
PSV Eindhoven        1990/1991  20  23
PSV Eindhoven        1991/1992  25  25
PSV Eindhoven        1992/1993  14   9
Barcelona            1993/1994  26  22
Barcelona            1994/1995  33  30
Flamengo             1995       16   8
Flamengo             1996        3   0
Valencia             1996/1997  19  14
Flamengo             1997        4   3
Flamengo             1998       20  14
Flamengo             1999       19  12
Totals                         295 211

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