In recent years a new name has popped up in the local elementary schools; Roemello. Pronounced 'roe-MEL-loe', it is not yet as popular as Juelz or Zymir, but it seems to be set for an increase in popularity.

As far as I have been able to find, this name originates in the 1994 American crime film Sugar Hill. Roemello was played by Wesley Snipes (Wesley's character was in turn named after his father, Arthur Romello "A.R." Skuggs, played by Clarence Williams III). Roemello is the hero of the film, and manages to get out of the family drug trade despite various people trying to kill him over this decision. He is the good guy who makes many personal sacrifices for his future and his family. The bad brother, Raynathan, does not appear to have had any babies named after him.

Roemello is often misspelled 'Romello', to the point that Romello is now a more common spelling than Roemello. Google Trends indicates that Romello is particularly popular in Canada, Australia, and parts of Northern Europe (this is, of course, a report of searches, not actual babies named Romello). It is worth noting that there is currently one player in the NBA with the name Romello White; his future career may be the primary determiner of which spelling eventually wins out.

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