Rocket's Blast Comic Collector, a comic book fanzine, or rather an adzine, changed it's name to RBCC with issue 151. Jim Van Hise was the man responsible for RBCC. RBCC was a full size, Pro Stock zine.

One of the truly great comic fanzines, of the late 60s and 70s, RBCC published stories by Harlan Ellison. Other contributers were Marc Hempel, Frank Brunner, Vaughn Bode, Windy Pini, Bernie Wrightson, Steve Fabian, Steve Ditko, and Neal Adams among many others. While the interior production value was somewhat varied, ranging from excellent down to god awful, the cover was often superb.

RBCC featured Don Rosa's awesome Pertwillaby Papers serials, and his Information Center which was a column devoted to comics questions and answers, then when RBCC folded for other fanzines including COMICS BUYER'S GUIDE, THE COMIC READER, and AMAZING HEROES.

Another legendary column was "Comicopia" by R. C. Harvey, a column he now contributes to the Comics Journal; Harvey is the author of The Art of the Comic Book, which traces the growth and development of the comic book from its beginnings in the 1930s through to the mid-1990s.

RBCC often featured reprints of "historic" comics for example an issue of National Comic's Uncle Sam was reprinted in RBCC #112.

RBCC also interviewed celebrities with a comic or SF relationship, one noteworthy interview was with Leonard Nimoy.

Other zines of a similar nature were Witzend, Alter-Ego, and Squa Tront.

Issues of RBCC currently go, if you can find them, for between $30 to more than $100.

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