Title: Robotrek
Developer: Quintet
Publisher: Enix
Year: 1994
Platform(s): Super Nintendo/Super Famicom
Type: CRPG

There is a small town on the planet of Quintenix by the name of Rococo. It's a peaceful town, that has recently come under the constant attacks of a new group. This group goes under the name Hackers; they rob, destroy, and disrupt things all around Rococo. The strange thing is that no one knows where they're from, or why they're here. However, they seem to be searching for something.

You are the son of Dr. Akihabara, a great inventor who suffered repercussions for an invention gone wrong. You hope on becoming as great as an inventor as he is.

You make inventions with the Invention Machine. With it you make your robots and can combine items to create new ones. You learn how to make new inventions by talking to people and reading the inventor's books.

My Opinion:
Many forms of life exsist there.

-From Robotrek Introduction

Yes, many great wisdoms like these plague the game. It is also obviously evident that their translation and editing facilities were not very thorough. You'll notice many spelling errors and grammar errors throughout the game.

You might also get quite sick of the repetitive music throughout the game. You might also dislike the backgrounds of the battle sequences.

The gameplay can be difficult to get a good hold of. The programming of the robots can be a long, boring sequence of combining different options. The Invention Machine item combinations can also take up a great amount of your time.

However, I still enjoyed this game. I enjoyed it when I first played it 4 years ago, and I still enjoyed it when I played it this year and finally beat it. I enjoy the humour of the game, the light heartedness of the story, and the fun of programming the robots. Some people might not be able to overlook its other problems to enjoy it, but it's not a game for everyone.

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