TV/Movie Actress. Former wife and punching bag of Iron Mike Tyson. Robin graduated from Sarah Lawrence College in New York and was pre-accepted to Harvard Medical School at the young age of 19. Friend Bill Cosby convinced her to give up her dream of a medical career for Hollywood. Early on she was cast in the hit sit-com Head of the Class.

Known for her beauty and icy demeanour, Robin was immediately a target for gossip columnists. She was romantically involved with a number of hot young stars including Brad Pitt whom she was dating when she met Mike Tyson. Supposedly, one night Mike was more than ready to re-arrange the pretty boy's face when he found Brad at Robin's apartment--but Robin stepped in and "saved face".

After a brief courtship, Robin and Mike wed and the press quickly labeled the couple "Beauty and the Beast." Robin was accused of marrying Mike for fame and his substantial wealth. Robin came back at her detractors when she and Mike appeared on a Barbara Walters interview special. Robin said Mike was bi-polar and at times had been physically abusive. What struck the audience more, however, was that the heavyweight champ sat by idly and said nothing to his defense. Shortly after the interview, Mike and Robin divorced and the public was definitely on Mike's side. People magazine ran a cover story on Robin calling her "The Most Hated Woman in America."

In the years that followed, Robin's career faltered. By this time HOTC was cancelled and she had trouble paying her bills with the marriage settlement (rumored to be around $3 million) that she received after the divorce. Robin appeared in a few straight to video releases and in supporting roles in films like Eddie Murphy's "Boomerang" with Halle Berry.

In the meantime, Robin was vindicated a little by the fact that Mike was found guilty of raping a beauty pagent contestant named Desiree Washington. Also,his increasingly erratic behavior pointed to deeper problems than the scorn of an ex-wife.

In recent years Robin's career and personal life has taken interesting turns. She landed a role on a comedy called "Sparks" playing a sassy lawyer. She also married a tennis pro only to divorce him one day later. In recent months, Robin landed a gig hosting the syndicated morning show "Forgive or Forget" and she can be seen in the Toni Braxton video for "He Wasn't Man Enough" playing the role of a woman scorned. Interestingly, Robin almost walked off the set of the video when she found out Michael Jai White (of Spawn fame) would be starring opposite her. White, also played Iron Mike in a made for TV movie about his life. Robin didn't want to cause a stir and at the last minute White was replaced with Toni's current squeeze.

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