Since I am not an expert of the logistical terms used in RoadRailing, I can only tell you from what I felt while watching a train pulling them past me down behind my friend 65535's place a few weeks ago.

After the engine had boomed past us, we stood and faced a cargo of truck trailers complete with wheels rolling lazily with inertia. What looked like a hundred white trailer cars coasted gently along the curve we stood on and I was stunned by its massive beauty and uniformity.

RoadRailer is a train to trailer freight system that is offered by CN along the Toronto-Montreal corridor to companies and individuals who wish to transport freight over long distances for a relatively lower cost than by highway alone. Time and routing errors are nearly eliminated due to the fact that cargo does not require unloading at transfer stations; It is simply transferred onto tractor trailers for delivery to the client.

Roadrailers add to the anonymous beauty of freight trains. Read more at

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