President of Chile since March 2000. He won the chilean elections against Joaquín Lavin by a small margin.
He is known as the first one in Chile who publicly condemned Pinochet by pointing him with his forefinger during a TV show in 1987. After that, he was minister of Education in Aylwin's administration, and minister of public works while in Frei's

Currently, Lagos is heading the government in a fight for reactivating the economy. He's very interested in education, computing and technology; that's one of the main reasons why he traveled to the U.S. to speak with many Big Names of the computing industry, such as Bill Gates (November 29, 2000), Larry Ellison, John Chambers, Carly Fiorina (sp?), and others.

More info about him is coming soon. Also, in you speak spanish, you can browse the site of his wife Luisa Durán at
More info is coming soon.

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