This is one of a series of notes for A Chronological Biography of Akira Kurosawa.

A visit from her grandchildren and the discovery of a half-American relative causes an elderly woman to relive her memories of the atomic bomb that fell on Nagasaki. I know how that sounds, but it's actually a feel-good film. The countryside life of rural Japan is well-depicted as well.

Title: Rhapsody in August
Original Title in Japanese: Hachigatsu no "Rhapsody"
Running Time: 92 min
Year: 1991
Company: Kurosawa ProductionS
Writer: Akira Kurosawa
Director(s) of Photography: Takao Saito, Shouji Ueda
Production Designer:Yoshiro Muraki
Music: Shinichiro Ikebe

Sachiko Murase (grandmother), Hisashi Ikawa (Tadao), Hidetaka Yoshioka (Tateo), Richard Gere (Clark)

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