The Revigator was a radioactive water jar manufactured by the Revigator Water Jar Company, of San Francisco, California. The jar was lined with carnotite, a uranium ore. This ore emits radon as the product of radioactive decay, which then goes into the water, which you are meant to drink. According to the informational booklet published by the manufacturer, radioactivity in your drinking water is necessary for good health. The booklet has a copyright date of 1928, before the atomic bomb attacks on Japan showed what happens when the human body is damaged by radioactivity. Some quotes from the booklet:

"This lost element of water is radio-activity, which both creates cellular energy and removes cellular poisons."

"This radio-activity is one of Nature's ways of dissolving and eliminating these health-destroying poisons and building healthy cells and tissues."

"The United States Government says that the radio-activity of natural water is never strong enough to be injurious."

The booklet was downloaded from

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