Forgetful yesterday bleeds into tomorrow,
Haze gray visions flit past,
Dancing heavily through consciousness.
Echoes of voices whisper from dark corners,
Tinged with hatred and happiness,
Tainted by time and perception.
I tried to remember the face today,
Listened to the wind for her voice,
Rewarded with nothing,
Save the same slate walls and the hiss of traffic,
Traveling roads that I am too soon departed to forget.
We came with rain and black sky,
We leave with nothing more than the same.
Belief arrives easy,
And proves an unpleasant guest.
Falling into the arms of another victim,
Forces the cold back.
If this was the intention,
To lose yourself so quickly,
I do not know.
Consign me to memory,
I'm never coming home,
You never understood the desperation,
Missed intonation and meaning in the static.
What was I anyway?
Another misguided soul with too much passion,
Or just a duplicated vision of some best forgotten past.
The full circle looms, time to go now,
Best you forget anyhow.
I never was.
You never were either.
The mirage of coexistence nothing more than ether.

original prose, Yurei, 2000
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