An unofficial Pixies release recorded in London, England on May 8, 1989 at Farris Polytechnic. This is a live recording, but the crowd is almost inaudible. Overall it's not the best quality I've seen, even in their bootleg stuff. The sound quality is variable. Black Francis's voice is kind of weak on a couple of tracks and there are places where things just sound a little off. It's shakier on the first few tracks, then evens out to sound fairly good for the remainder of the album.

Tracks as they are listed:

  1. Into The White
  2. Debaser
  3. Wave Of Mutilation
  4. River Euphrates
  5. Crackity Jones
  6. No. 13 Baby
  7. Monkey Gone To Heaven
  8. Tame
  9. Isla de Encanta
  10. Untitled
  11. There Goes My Gun
  12. Gigantic
  13. I Bleed
  14. Chains
  15. Caribou
  16. Speed
  17. Gouge Away
  18. Tame
  19. Really Should Know
  20. Fat Man Swimming
  21. Nimrod's Son
  22. Levitate Me

Most of the tracks are what they are listed as, with some exceptions. The first track listed as "Tame" is actually "Dead". The untitled track is "Cactus". "Chains" is "Hey", plus the intro to "Caribou". "Speed" is "Bone Machine". The second track listed as "Tame" is really "Tame". "Really Should Know" is "The Holiday Song", and "Fat Man Swimming" is "Where Is My Mind?". "Levitate Me" is followed by the beginning of "Tony's Theme", which cuts out leaving about two minutes of silence.

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