Restricted delivery is an option on articles of mail sent via the US Postal Service using ancillary services such as certified mail, registered mail, insured mail (if insured for more than $50), or Collect On Delivery (AKA C.O.D.). The simple explanation is that it is an instruction to deliver only to the addressee or the addressee's authorized agent.

It's a good way to get an article of mail to an individual that's not a business (eg, somebody at a home or such), but it is not a good way to get an article of mail directly to a minor, or an individual at a business or a government agency. For instance, while you can certainly send an article of mail via these means to the President of the United States of America, somebody in the White House mail room is going to put their rubber stamp on it and open it before sending the article to the president.

Cost for this option is $3.50.

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